fake student id online how to get a fake id in georgia

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fake student id online how to get a fake id in georgia

Fake ID Georgia

  Are you looking for a Georgia ID that you can use not only out-of-state but also IN-STATE.. in any club or bar in Atlanta without the fear of getting it confiscated (or even worse end up with a fine)?

  You have come to the right place.

  Whilst there are other ID websites also offering GA licenses – the truth is that 99% of them would have a hard time working in-state. It is a well-known fact that the GA license is one of the hardest to replicate licenses in the US.

  We have invested over $100k in machinery to be able to make a license that is as close to the real thing that exists.

  If you want a GENUINE, 100% FLAWLESS version of the GA drivers license – and not a bad Chinese counterfeit ID – then LitFakes is what you’re looking for.

  Don’t fall into the trap of getting an out-of-state card from a different website, and then have to memorize your complicated fake life-story about what you’re doing in Georgia.

  Security Features all of our GA identity cards feature:

  Microprinted fine lines (so when inspected with a microscope look exactly like a real license)UV-Print of the state seal and the word “Georgia” (almost all bars check this under a UV light)3 photos of customer – 1 normal photo on the left and 2 laser-printed photos on the right (1 black and white, 1 color). This laser-printer costs over $100k and NONE Of the other websites have properly mastered thisOverlapping DOB Printed on photoHologram applied on back of card (other websites don’t offer this.. but lots of bars check this)Scannable Barcodes on back (both 1D and 2D barcodes).. we TEST this in a scanner before sending your card out!Real ID CompliantWe’re so sure that this ID will work both out of state and IN-STATE that we’re willing to offer you a 100% money-back guarantee. That’s right – if you are unsatisfied for any reason whatsoever – we will refund all of your money within 90 days of purchase.

Fake ID in Atlanta, Georgia

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  In Georgia, traffic stops, and other arrests, for people under the age of 21 can have serious consequences. These can also can lead to more criminal charges such as having a fake ID. In addition, anyone accused of making a fake ID can also be charged under Fake ID O.C.G.A. 3-3-23. Contact Yeargan & Kert, LLC to keep this charge off your permanent record.

  According to Georgia law, it is illegal to have or show any type of fraudulent, altered, false or fictitious government identification document. It is also against the law to show, possess or use any type of identification document issued by another individual. The latter means that an individual cannot obtain another person’s state license to purchase alcohol or get into a bar.

  The state also makes it illegal to sell or make false identification documents such as a state ID or driver’s license.

  As mentioned before, state identification cards and driver’s licenses are considered false when they are made by someone other than the state. Passports are also illegal to falsify. Possession of the following types of identification documents are also illegal to have:

  Another person’s real identification document used for the purpose of pretending to be that person
A fake document manufactured by a person for the purpose to be used by a minor to misrepresent their age. For instance, a person may fake a passport to make a minor older than 21 years old.
A real state-issued identification or license altered to change information such as date of birth

Possession of a fake ID charge can happen in multiple ways in Atlanta because of two code sections involving fake IDs. The specific law depends on whether an individual has a fake ID in their possession or presents the fake document as their own.

  Possession of a fake ID is a misdemeanor. If conviction the harshest punishment for a minor is a maximum of 12 months in county jail and/or $1,000 fine. If the minor is lucky, they will typically get usual punishment associated with this crime: probation and a fine.

  County jail time and a fine are the immediate punishments of having or displaying fake identification documents. A minor using or possessing a fake ID in Georgia can have long-term term consequences like being charged with fraud. Other consequences may include:

  License being revoked
Permanent criminal record
Suspension of the minor’s driving privileges

You or your loved one was accused of having, displaying or making a Fake ID. Too much is stake for you to plead guilty. Your financial aid, future and criminal record are in jeopardy. Now it is time to fight. At Yeargan & Kert, LLC we are here to fight your charge and help you put this charge quickly behind you. We offer a free consultation and plenty of tough lawyers ready to get this charge resolved in your favor. Contact Yeargan & Kert, LLC immediately for help with your charge.

fake student id online how to get a fake id in georgia

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