id god ph where to buy fake id in toronto

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id god ph where to buy fake id in toronto

‘Novelty’ ID cards for bars easily available to minors

  Minors who want to go to a bar or buy liquor are finding ways to do so by using inexpensive, fake ID cards that can be easily bought in multiple Toronto stores.

  They’re called novelty ID cards and they’re usually copies of licenses or photo identification from different provinces, with a few small differences, such as font choice, photo size and the absence of small codes.

  Because the fake IDs are sold as novelty pieces they aren’t illegal, Det.-Sgt. Gord Whealy of the Toronto police said.

  “There are subtle differences which makes it not a forgery, but a fake novelty identification,” said Whealy.

  “It is fake ID, it’s not forged ID. And people are using that to try and enter into licensed establishments or purchase liquor, which creates a problem if we’re dealing with young people,” he said.

  CTV’s Ashley Rowe was able to buy a novelty ID from a store on downtown Toronto’s Yonge Street in just 20 minutes.

  The ID resembles a licence from Saskatchewan and cost her just $50. The store’s salesperson promised Rowe that the ID was “one of the best.” At the same time, a minor also bought the same type of ID.

  When minors are caught trying to use a fake ID illegally they can face a range of fines. When bars are caught letting minors into their establishments or serving them alcohol, they can have their liquor licences revoked.

  Security guards say the fakes are easy to spot, but one experienced waitress told CTV Toronto she’d have problems seeing the differences in Rowe’s fake Saskatchewan ID.

  “If you handed me this I’d be like ‘Yeah, here you go, what kind of beer do you want,’” she said.

  Serving minors alcohol is the number one infraction police and the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario deal with at bars.

  The AGCO said there were 148 incidences of minors being served in Ontario in 2011.

  Whealy said parents should talk to their children about why novelty IDs are not OK.

  “You really should be discouraging it so that they’re not trying to use it to get into licensed establishments, which increases the risk of drinking and driving, increases the risk of drug use and increases the risk of getting into trouble with police,” he said.

  With a report from CTV Toronto’s Ashley Rowe

ONTARIO FAKE ID (2021 update) – $149 $89 CAD

  About Ontario: The province of Ontario – from pro sports and skyscrapers to lush forest and picturesque lakes, Ontario offers a little something for everybody. With the metropolis of Toronto sitting in the south, offering multiple sports franchises and a happening nightlife, vast shopping centers, aquariums, breweries and of course the CN tower, travel North throughout Ontario and experience some of the most beautiful places Canada has to offer. Only a short drive from Toronto is Muskoka; an incredible piece of the province with lakes and cottages that prove to be a scenic paradise.

  Also offering the city atmosphere with a cozier feel is Ottawa – the nation’s capital. See national monuments and dine in some incredible restaurants. To the western side of the province is Thunder Bay, and for those looking for adventure, a camping road trip through this piece of the province will surely be a treat.

  Nightlife:  Beginning in Toronto, Ontario’s most populace city, the nightlife is alive and well. The Toronto Blue Jays, Toronto Maple Leafs, Toronto Raptors and more recently the success of the TorontoFC have seen popularity rise, and along with it, a party usually spews out onto the streets of the city post-game. Toronto is filled with bars, restaurants and clubs for everyone and anyone. If you have a particular taste, you will find it in the city of Toronto, if you know where to look. Also a popular spot for Hollywood filmmaking, keep an eye open for celebrity sightings. In Ottawa, the Byward Market is the place to be.

  Offering boutique shops and artisans during the day, at night, it transforms into the epicenter of the city’s nightlife. With a casino and a vibrant theatre scene, there’s always a party available for those looking. The good news; you don’t have to look very far. Not to be left out, the non-city-pary-goers will find hidden gems throughout Ontario. The Key to Bala is one such gem; with partyers arriving by boat to a quaint but happening nightclub. The province is huge, but it seems there is a party waiting wherever you are in Ontario.

  Fake Identification in Ontario: For a fake ID in Ontario stick to Toronto and Ottawa, of course. If you know where to look in Toronto, you will find a fake ID easily. Easily. And you can get a pretty decent counterfeit for as little as $50. Usually such places will have some sort of front; drycleaner or laundry. Other times, the internet can be a source of connection as well. Online marketplaces like craigslist can be a goldmine.

  After a few messages, you’re purchasing your fake ID next to the CN Tower. When in doubt…try Younge Street. Ottawa is similar in ease to find a fake ID. And with both cities, you get what you pay for. ID identification technology continues to grow and a cheap fake will be spotted immediately. However, in major cities, it’s unfortunately easy to find a fake ID, and easy to find someone who will accept it.

Toronto man faces numerous fraud charges for cars purchased with fake ID


A man from Toronto has been charged with over two dozen fraud-related offences after allegedly purchasing three cars under a another man’s name with fake identification.

  In October 2021, the victim received mail congratulating him for buying a new car. The victim was confused has he had not bought a vehicle.

  He filed a police report with Durham Police and the Financial Crimes Unit commenced an investigation. The investigator eventually learned that three vehicles were bought under the victim’s name in Alliston, Cambridge and Toronto.

  Investigators identified the suspect, who turned himself in to police on March 1.

  Sharif Amiri, 52 of Toronto, has been charged with 28 offences including;

  two count of uttering a forged document,
three counts of fraud over $5,000,
three counts personation with intent,
three counts of making a false statement to procure a loan,
three counts of disposing of property to avoid creditors,
three counts of possession of property obtained by crime over $5,000,
three counts of possession of another’s identity information,
four counts of possession of a counterfeit mark and,
four counts of possession of an identity document.

Anyone with information pertinent to this investigation can call Det. Price of the Financial Crimes Unit at 1-888-579-1520 ext. 5353, or Crime Stoppers anonymously at 1-800-222-TIPS (8477)

id god ph where to buy fake id in toronto

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